Tartuff blog #1

Is there anything more romantic than a couple of lovers having a stroll under the night sky? They’ve just been on one of their first dates and are shyly grabbing eachother’s hand as it suddenly starts to rain. But they don’t care. Being in love is cosier and warmer than any poncho, umbrella or living room couch. Wet hair now clings to their faces. They turn towards eachother and kiss.
This is exactly how Tartuff 2019 started off on its opening night, yesterday. As the evening set, filmlovers gathered on the Town Hall Square and took their seats in front of the screen. Dark clouds hovered over the old, pale yellow buildings on the square. When it started to pour, noone seemed to care that much. The dance that accompanied the opening film, a collage of film images shot in Tartu and Southern Estonia, was even a bigger spectacle for it. The heated romance and intrigues of Romeo and Juliet kept everyone warm and on the edge of their seats until long after midnight.

Today, on the second day of the festival, Tartuff has an exciting programme in store: teenage love and foolishness, mourning and morbidity, crafts and jazz. At 22:00 the acclaimed Finnish film Stupid Young Heart, winner of the Crystal Bear for Best Youth Film at the Berlin Film Festival, shows us a carefree teenage boy and girl who suddenly have to learn how to become parents. After, we’ll step into the shoes of Shmuel, a Hasidic cantor, coming to terms with the loss of his wife – seeking religious solace while secretly growing obsessed with the decay of her body.
Before the films, youngsters can join a crafts workshop at 18:00 and jazz lovers can indulge in a concert by singers of the local vocal studio Loomeviis at 20:00. Songs from musicals, films and jazz classics will be performed. Both events take place at our festival café on the Town Hall Square. See you there!