#EU&ME Young Filmmakers Competition

#EU&ME Young Filmmakers Competition



#EUandME is a public awareness campaign launched by European Commission. According to several surveys, European youth is often unaware of all the benefits, possibilities and liberties that the European Union provides them with. Thus the campaign looks to address young people and make EU’s role in their daily lives more visible and relatable thorough series thematic short films by famous EU film directors and a short film competition for young directors.

The short films will be screened before the feature films on the Town Hall Square.

„The Loner”, dir. Tomasz Konecki. 9:52. Before „Romeo + Julia”.

Jan, a man of the wilderness, lives alone in a cabin in the Polish mountains. But when destiny interrupts his solitary lifestyle, he must devise a plan in order to follow his heart.

„The Sound of Mine”, dir. Jaime Olías de Lima. 5:15. Before “Young Stupid Heart”.

An autistic boy wears headphones to block the sounds of the outside world, calming his anxieties. After discovering that the only sound he can hear underwater is his heartbeat, the young man realises that the silence of the ocean can be used to his advantage.

„Oona”, dir. Zaida Bergroth. 8:40. Before “To Dust”.

After becoming lost and stranded in a menacing forest, a young girl must rely on the assistance of an unlikely friend to find her way home.

Conspiracy”, dir. Magdalena Załęcka. 5:36. Before „Ditte and Louise”.

A young man tells his family that he wants to travel. Worried for his safety, they hatch a plan to discourage him.

„Party Animal”, dir. Yorgos Zois. 7:52. Before „Euphoria”.

Alex is an energetic 25 year-old who will do anything he can to keep dancing. Trapped in a restrictive job, he’s suddenly hit by a spark of inspiration.

„New World Symphony”, dir. Eugen Dediu. 4:36. Before „Miles Ahead”.

Musicians across Europe prepare for a performance, while a producer watches them from behind a number of screens. Despite being in different countries, they play as one, streaming the event for all to watch.

„The Key”, dir. Valérie Müller ja Angelin Preljocaj. 5:53. Before „Velvet Goldmine”.

Disaster strikes during an impromptu safety inspection of a building site. The workers must work together to fix the mess – but not everyone is present …

„The Dream Cut”, dir. Vlad Muko. 5:11. Before “When Mom is Away”.

A young man visits his father who dreams of starting his own barbershop but fears the cost would be too high. After the father’s loan application is refused, the son comes up with a creative idea to save money and accomplish his father’s goal.

„The Shape”, dir. Jaco Van Dormael. 4:34. Before “Queen of Hearts”.

A storm is on the horizon. When a jet-black cloud engulfs a small village, the residents discover that it could put an end to more than just blue skies.

„The Living Hostel”, dir. Matthias Hoene. 8:40. Before „Marianne and Leonard”.

Although her youth is long behind her, Gisela still longs to experience the sights of Europe. Her grandchildren decide to raise enough money to send her on her dream adventure, but their plan has unexpected results …