Yesterday, the visitors of Tartuff were taken on a journey from the cradle to the grave as we saw Finnish teenage parents to be and followed Shmuel, a Hasidic cantor, as he grieved his wife. These movies proved once again that true love is eternal. It is not bound by life and death. We are loved before we are born and we will be loved until after we die.

Still, death remains one of the biggest conversational taboos. Especially when voluntary death is involved. Two of this year’s films talk about a form of voluntary death – euthanasia or assisted suicide. The first one of the films, Euphoria, is screening tonight at 23:59 and is preceded by a discussion on euthanasia led by journalist Taavi Eilat. Eilat documented the story of the first Estonian – Jane Paberit – who died by means of assisted suicide. Join us with your thoughts on this subject at 18:00 in our café on Town Hall Square.

Today also marks the start of our programme at the Athena cultural center; with several (music) documentaries and one children’s film. See the 1968 animated musical film inspired by the Beatles, Yellow Submarine, today at 19:00 and take the kids on a summer adventure with the famous Norwegian characters Kasper and Emma at 16:00.

Our friends at Kinema Tartu have a surprise screening of modern film classic Groundhog Day at 20:00 – register through laura@punkdigital.ee to receive details on the secret location. For some black
humour and critical thought on gender roles check in with Danish comedians Ditte and Louise. 22:00 on Town Hall Square.

See you there!


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