Although most rock fans find it hard to admit, rock as we knew it is dead. It has lost its edge and hip-hop and rap have taken its place as a means of rebellion for young music fans. This is what we learned yesterday during our panel talk about the status of rock music and the world premiere of Jonathan McHugh’s documentary Long Live Rock. The rock music scene has, instead, become a safe haven and community for people across generations and walks of life.

Today, Tartuff will also cater to different generations and talk about the family ties that bind (or destroy) us. We will see “The Journey: A Love Story”, a documentary by a young Swiss filmmaker Fanny Bräuning at 19:00 in Athena Cultural Center, in which she follows her parents along on a trip through Europe in their custom built camper van. Her mother, a painter and graphic artist, is paralyzed from the neck down and her father, a very enthusiastic photographer, has built this van to accommodate to their special needs. It’s not a film about pity or handicap – instead its a life-affirming picture which highlights the little interactions, events and feelings between lovers and in life in general.

Further, we are happy to screen two other films on Town Hall Square in which mothers play a special part. In the first film, “When Mom is Away” the mother of an Italian family has decided to leave quite suddenly on a solo holiday for ten days. Leaving the father having to cope with the kids on his own for the first time. The second film brings us into a less comic situation: in “Queen of Hearts”, a therapist for abused children starts an affair with her own stepson.

One thing is for sure. These films will have built up enough (comic) tension, which you can release at our yearly Love Party in Aparaaditehas tonight at 23.00! Join us for drinks, dances and romance with some retro house tunes, deliciously bad dance music and more guilty pleasures.

See you there!