From the hilarious happenings in an Italian family, where the father has been left alone with the kids, to much more disturbing Danish family ties, yesterday evening had the audience on Town Hall Square laughing, cringing and gasping. In Athena Centre, the documentary of Swiss filmmaker Fanny Bräuning screened in her presence, an endearing portrait of her parents who travel in a custom-built mobile home which caters to her paralyzed mother’s special needs. And in the wee hours the tireless film fans danced to the guiltiest of tunes spun by the ‘Bad Music DJ’ Rassel Illak at our Love Party at Aparaaditehas. What a night!

Today is already the last day of the festival. But hold your tears, because we still have some of the best films and special events in store for you. We’ll start off with Estonian youth film classic from the eighties, Spring in the Heart, in Athena Cultural Center. Followed by a sunny, groovy documentary about Jamaica’s own Buena Vista Social Club and the reggae movement: Inna de Yard.

As anyone who’s ever been in love knows, love can inspire both stupidity as well as greatness. Many artists have muses, be it a real life partner or a fantasy about someone beautiful and unattainable. At 16:00 the curator of the Tartu Art Museum will guide us through the exhibition, talking about the muses who inspired the artists from the famous Pallas Art School. Our final movie Marianne & Leonard: Words of Love at midnight tells the story of the great musician Leonard Cohen and his muse and long-time partner Marianne Ihlen – made world famous by the song ‘So Long, Marianne’.

Before that, though, you can delight at a Swedish Romeo and Juliet-like story in Swoon, which is even based on true events. The film sees the heirs of two competing amusement parks fall in love amidst the unusual world they inhabit. Their love and loyalty to their families are put to a test.

Need a refreshment? Visit our café for a special Tartuff rhubarb lemonade, a snack or Latvian craft beer!

If you come at 20:00 you’ll step right into the record release concert of Tartu blues guitarist Andres Rootsi.

See you there!